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20. February 2020

The gannets are back

I love this time of year on Mykines island. I am now a local resident here all year round.
This time of year it is getting lighter and lighter and I enjoy my morning walk to the harbour area to watch the breaking waves and the beautiful light.
Tuesday I hiked to Mykineshólm to welcome the Gannets back. The come back 25th of January.
I also saw many seals and the light was just amazing.
Next week 2 guests are coming and I am really looking forward to that. This time of year we only have helicopter 4 days a week and no boat. The boat starts sailing again 1. May.
Next to come back are the kittywakes and I cannot wait to hear the sound of them by the harobour area, really looking forward to that.
See some pictures from my hike to the lighthouse on Mykineshólmur


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2. December 2019

The first winter guests

The first winter guests have visited Mykines and the guesthouse in November.
All women, mother and daughter from Denmark and a young girl from Germany.
The arrived with helicopter in the morning and the first day we saw the most beautiful sunset. The sun already sets at 15.15 this time of year and does not rise until 9.15 so we only have 6 hours light. However this also means beautiful light and when the night is clear we see the most beautiful skies with the brightest stars and do you know why? Well we have almost no light otuside in winter and that gives you a so much more beautiful sky.
We had delicious dinner and baked cake, listened to music and read books about Mykines in the evening. One of the women also brougth knitting needles.
This time of year is so quiet and there are no tourists at all you really get the feeling of living on an isolated island.
I decorated for Christmas since Im spending Christmas on Mykines. I hope to get more guests in December, January and February, I love the company.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas.


See pictures here

1. August 2019

Guest from all over the world

What a summer it has been, with wonderful guests from all over the world. Australia, Canada, Thailand, USA, Japan, China, Netherlands, Switserland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Faroe Islands and Abu Dhabi, I am thrilled and happy.

Here are some of the things, the guests wrote about the experience.:

Siteng Ma, from USA

I really wish I could give this unlimited stars. My friend and I started off our 2 week long vacation with this tour, and everything from the ferry ride to the puffins and lambs you make friends with along your private journey to the unbelievable world of Mykines, population 9-20 depending what season it is, is jaw dropping. Oda could not have been a more amazing host, welcoming us to her private house that she painstakingly renovated and taking us on the journey less traveled by tourists through a sunset 3 hour long hike across the western edge of the island. Mykines feels like the end of the world, and Oda gave us a level of appreciation for it that no other tour guide could have done. Plus, she is an incredible chef as well!!

Note that this tour doesn't include visiting the lighthouse, as it is not permitted to hike there before the morning ferry arrives and after the afternoon ferry leaves, which was a concern for me. However, after taking the nighttime hike, I didn't miss it at all. I would 100% prefer the hike we took over a tourist-centric hike to the lighthouse. That said, Oda does those hikes as guided tours as well, and I highly recommend considering her as your guide if you can't stay the night!


Iwao Ando, Japan
Spent a amazing time during evening and also morning, hiking and birdwatching, everything was perfect away from the crowd! 

Even though sunset wasn't clear, the scenery which dozen of puffins come back to their nest one by one is dramatically memorable.
Also, traditional meal from locals is definitely worth trying! 
Through the great eyes of the open-minded guide Oda, you can unquestionably experience the real Faroese way to enjoy the whole island!

Pictures taken by Travelbabbo - Eric Stoen, Ólavur Fredriksen and others

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24. April 2019

First guests came from India

Wednesday 17th April 2019 the first guests checked in to the guesthouse Á Lonini.

They were four young people from India. They were so lucky to get helicopter ticket the day before Easter holiday.

They had a nice stay and liked the atmosphere of the house and slept very well after a lot of fresh air on the islands. They hiked to the lighthouse on Mykineshólmur and enjoyed the village life while they were here.

The past two days, five photographers from four different countries stayed at the guesthouse and we did the hike to Mykineshólmur Monday evening and to the Stonewood and mountaintop Knúkur Tuesday.

From Thursday to Saturday 4 people from the Preserve the Faroe Islands Maintenance project from VisitFaroeislands will stay here for 2 days.



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14. March 2019

Á Lonini Guesthouse - almost there

In March I have been on Mykines Island 10 days, renovating the guesthouse.

The first week, I came by helicopter with my parents. My father helped me paint the ceilings and also made a painting from the village.

The next week, I went out to the Mykines island again in an open boat bringing a lot of furniture and paint. One of the owners of the house, Zacharias was with me and made all the electricity, layed the wooden floor and installed the new bathroom furniture. My friend Johan has been my decorating advisor alle the way, helping me find furniture and decorations that fit the age and story of the house. I chose the beautifull blue flowers wallpaper and Johan papered the walls.

The house is almost ready now, we are waiting for the carpender to come ande make the bench in the kitchen and lay the floor in the doorway upstairs. Also the livingroom sofas and chairs are waiting to be freighted to the island, as there is only helicopter this time of year.

The official opening is May 6th 2019.



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14. February 2019

Happy Valentines Day

We have so many beautiful lakes on The Faroe Islands. The Island Vágar has 4 lakes and the hiking tour to all lakes is the same length as 1/2 marathon. The last lake you see on the tour is this heart shaped lake "Vatnsdalsvatn", which is close to the airport.

We arrange this tour as private tour on request.

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13.februar 2019

Renovating the guesthouse in Mykines

I am now in the process of renovating the guesthouse Á Lonini on Mykines Island.

The house is from 1895 and a renovation was necessary. 

The bedrooms will be ready first. We lay new floors and painted the walls and the ceiling. I bought new beds, duvets and pillows. This seems easy, but believe me, it is not.

There is only helicopter connection to Mykines Island from September to April and we are not allowed to bring paint on the helicopter. 

The beds are 200 x 90 cm big and too expensive to haul in the helicopter, so I had to find another solution for this, and believe me, it is not easy to get a boat in January to sail to Mykines.

However I had success finding a nice and helpful local man to bring the beds, floors and paint to the island late January. The weather was snowy and windy and we sailed in an open boat.

The local farmer was very helpful and helped me bring the beds, floors and paint from the harbour area to the house, I am most thankful.

So now the work can continue, we have the materials. 

The bedrooms are almost ready and the owner of the house has also made a new kitchen.

I will keep you updated and the next pictures will be of the kitchen.

See pictures here

15. januar 2018

My first blog

On this blog, I will share stories and experiences with you. Like the cock on the photo, he is tame and is owned by the locals who have a small souvenir shop in Gásadalur, the village, where you find Múlafossur.

Also I will give you travel tips, tips on how to pack your hiking bag and so on. 

My first blog will give you an insight into the process of renovating the guesthouse on Mykines Island.