Golocal South – Suðuroy

Do not miss out to see the southernmost island on the Faroe Island.

Suðuroy is a 2 hours sailing tour from the capital Tórshavn. Sailing south, you can enjoy the view to the islands Sandoy, Stóra Dímun and Lítla Dímun. 

Suðuroy is known for the wonderful geologi and the dramatic birdcliffs along the westside of the island. 

Suðuroy is the island with most islets and skerries and the best thing about the island is, that you can reach almost all the scenic views just a few minutes walk from your car. 

Suðuroy also has coalmines and the valley Hvannhagin which is graded national garden. The island is also identified as an important bird area by BirdLife International. 

On the tour we visit seven different spots with the most scenic view, 3 spots on the northern part of the island and 4 spots on the southern part of the Island. We end the tour with a visit in a local home where we have coffe and cake.

Mondays (September 2019 - April 2020)

08.30  Sail from the harbour of Tórshavn with M/F Smyril, 2 hour sailing. 
10.30 We arrive in Tvøroyri Suðuroy and start the tour.
18.30  With Smyril back to Tórshavn – dinner onboard.
20.30 Arrival in Tórshavn and back to the hotel and accomodation.
  Upon request I can arrange hiking to Hvannhagan National Park.

The highlights of the tour are:

Á Røðini Hiking

- We drive directly from the boat to the starting point of the hike to Á Røðini. The hike is easy, and takes approximately 30-45 minutes each way.

We enjoy the view to the beautiful cliffs and skerries with the telescope and enjoy lunch.


- Hvalbiareiðið, Á Drátti and Fiskieiðið
After lunch we drive through the narrow tunnel to the village Hvalba and see Fiskieiðið, the place, where the fishermen pulled their boat from the ocean. 

Afterwards we drive to Hvalbiareiðið, a very scenic view over cliff.



- Eggjarnar and Lopranseiðið
From Hvalba we drive to the village Vágur. First we drive to Vágseiðið and see the  beautiful
cliffs there. Afterward we drive up the mountain, to see the view over Eggjarnar. Scenic cliffs on the westside of Suðuroy. 

From Eggjarnar we drive 10 minutes to Lopranseiðið and have one more photostop.


- Beinisvørð and Sumba – visit a local 

We drive over the mountain and see the majestic Beinissvørð and the birdview over the westside of Suðuroy and take a photo stop here.

We have afternoon coffee in the southernmost village in the Faroe Islands, Sumba, where we will be served coffee and home baked cake in a local home, before we head back to the ferry in Tvøroyri. We have dinner on board the M/F Smyril on the way back to Tórshavn.

Duration: 13 hours
Activities:  Boat trip, lunch box, driving guide, hiking, afternoon coffee with a local in a local home
Difficulty: Easy
Highlights: Cliffs, Suðuroy, Á Røðini, Hvalbiareiðið, Fiskieiðið Hvalba, Vágseiðið, Eggjarnar, Lopranseiðið, Beinisvørð, Sumba
Languages: Faroese, danish, norwegian, swedish, english and german
Pickup/dropoff information: Pickup from your accommodation.
Included: Boat ticket, driving guide, hiking guide, lunchbox, afternoon coffee and dinner on board M/F Smyril on the sail back to Tórshavn.
What to bring: Good warm and hiking shoes. Camera and a rucksack.
Price: 1.995,-/pers. min. 2 persons.